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Our Happy Clients

Companies and law firms are often faced with a need for top quality, experienced lawyers but they are uncertain of their long term staffing needs and are unable to fill the demand, as it often arises on a time sensitive basis. Bliss prides itself on providing value, flexibility and speed.  Relying principally on flat fees, our agile model continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients, our lawyers and the legal marketplace.  Examples of ways that Bliss Lawyers supports our clients include:

  • Helping clients through reorganizations and transitions;
  • Building out legal departments and law firms to cover special projects or shifting work flows due to employee departures, market and work fluctuations or otherwise;
  • Bringing in subject matter experts in evolving and/or highly specialized areas of law or in high-demand practices areas;
  • Providing cost-effective alternatives, especially when employers are undergoing hiring freezes;
  • Filling in staffing gaps due to turnover, parental and other leaves or sabbaticals;
  • Eliminating the employment risk on behalf of its clients and allowing them to expand and contract their workforce on an as needed basis to mirror the work demands;
  • Managing the employment aspect of consulting personnel; 
  • Enabling law firms to improve their outplacement of law firm lawyers who are voluntarily and involuntarily leaving their firms and seeking in-house roles;
  • Affording clients the luxury of "extended interviews" by having attorneys start on a temporary basis as Bliss employees to ensure they are a good fit and confirm workload demands prior to clients electing whether to hire the attorneys directly on a permanent basis; and,
  • Facilitating direct hires for companies and law firms without requiring a retainer.

Our deep bench of talent is typically comprised of seasoned attorneys from the best law schools with large law firm and in-house experience. Our talent pool of top notch attorneys is ready to join our clients' in-house and law firm teams.

Our Happy Lawyers

With a national platform, we have access to a talent pool comprised of over 15,000 attorneys across the country. Under the Bliss virtual model, our generous compensation structure ensures a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining top legal talent and providing continuity of legal services to our clients.Our deep bench of talent is comprised of experienced, well-credentialed attorneys, with large law firm and/or in-house experience, and graduation from an elite national law school.  Our attorneys have experience in numerous industries, including financial services, technology, media, research and development, healthcare, energy, aerospace, engineering, insurance, and, consumer products.  Our attorneys have substantive expertise in a full range of practice areas including corporate, litigation, compliance, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, trusts and estates, labor and employment, intellectual property, insurance, and real estate.  Representative profiles of our attorneys include:

  • Lawyers with varied experience seeking more versatility to expand their skill sets and/or the industries in which they work; 
  • Lawyers with less linear career paths who are in transition;
  • Re-entry lawyers who have left the profession for one or more years;
  • Lawyers who are relocating or seeking a new job due to an employer merger, acquisition or restructuring;
  • Entrepreneurs or those with outside pursuits who want more flexibility and control in their work;
  • Lawyers at the senior arc of their careers who are not yet ready to retire but desire more flexibility in their schedules; 
  • Lawyers receptive to non-traditional roles, e.g., non-partnership track, knowledge and project management, etc.; 
  • Practicing law firm lawyers who have been attempting to transition in-house unsuccessfully due to lack of in-house experience; 
  • Lawyers seeking new roles and opportunities to reinvent; and, 
  • Solo practitioners seeking to supplement their practice.

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